Terms and conditions


Comply with local law and regulations

Simple2Ship (hereafter called S2S) will always comply with local regulations and laws, so this general Terms & Conditions (hereafter called T&C or T&C’s) provide you with a general overview of our Terms & Conditions. When we provide you with your user name and log in, you receive the Terms & Conditions that apply to your country of trade. On our local public web-sites you can find the local Terms and Conditions.

We have tried to ensure that our T&C’s is as clear and easy to understand, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our chat line or email.

The T&C’s apply to users of the website www.simple2ship.com including the use of the customer area (hereafter called shipping portal) where a user name and password is required to access this part of website.

S2S reverse the rights from time to time to update the T&C’s and the most up to date T&C’s will always be on www.simple2ship.com in the footer of our web-site.

In the T&C’s reference to “S2S”, “our”, “us” or “we” means the local operator of Simple2Ship within your country and any reference to “you” or “your” refer to a user of Simple2Ship including any party who places an order through our system.

1.1. Listed below are defined terms which will have the following meanings in these terms of use:

1.1.1.AWB / Airwaybill / Airway bill – The documentation placed on the parcel. 1.1.2.Carrier – means the third party carrier and/or Courier Company which carries the

1.1.3.Shipper – The person or entity that is shipping the Consignment/Shipment. 1.1.4.Receiver – The person or entity who is receiving the Consignment/Shipment. 1.1.5.Carrier means an individual or entity that is in the business of transporting goods 1.1.6.Shipping Portal means the software, technology and processes by which S2S provides

Services and makes the Web-site available to Shipper with the customer area. 1.1.7.Terms & Conditions means these Terms & Conditions and is also called T&C and T&C’s

in this document.
1.1.8.Consignment/Shipment – means each parcel or group of parcels sent using S2S’s service

to an individual address.
1.1.9.Collection Point – means the address and specific location which a Consignment is

collected or received from by our Carriers.

. 1.1.10. Export Services – means a service where the Consignment is collected in your 
Country and delivered to another Country.

. 1.1.11. Import Service – means a service where the Consignment in another Country and 
delivered to an address in your Country.

. 1.1.12. Discarded – When a Consignment is ‘abandoned’ destroyed.

. 1.1.13. Guaranteed Collection Service – means a service where either the collection of a 
Consignment is guaranteed by a particular time and/or date.

. 1.1.14. Guaranteed Delivery Service – means a service where either the delivery of a 
Consignment is guaranteed by a particular time and/or date once collected.

. 1.1.15. Guaranteed Service – means a Guaranteed Collection Services and or a Guaranteed 
Delivery Service.

. 1.1.16. Prohibited Item – means an item which must not be sent using S2S’s services, for example because the item is dangerous or hazardous. See our Prohibited items list at our FAQ within the Pre-Shipping category.

. 1.1.17. Restricted Item – are items which you can only send in limited quantities and we strongly recommend that you do carefully consider and get advice from us before using our service. See our restricted items list at our FAQ within the Pre-Shipping category.

. 1.1.18. Transit Cover – means the financial value which your Consignment is protected up to and Enhanced Cover – means an additional level of Transit Cover that replaces the included Transit Cover and which is purchased at the time that an order is placed as further is described in our FAQ about Transit and Enhanced Cover.
1.1.19. Working Day – means for our shipping Country; Monday to Friday excluding Public and Bank holidays. In relation to a receiving country that might differ based on local practices. Please see the overview of Public and Bank holidays worldwide in our FAQ section “Pre- shipping”. Please note some services deliver outside of working hours – Please see service description for more information.


To use the Services or the Shipping Portal, Shipper must first agree to these T&C’s. If Shipper does not accept the T&C’s, Shipper must immediately stop using the Services and the Shipping Portal. Shipper’s use of the Services or the Shipping Portal will constitute acceptance of these T&C’s. Before Shipper continues, Shipper should print or save a local copy of the T&C’s for Shipper’s records.


When you use the Services on behalf of your business, you agree that you are an authorised representative of your business and that you are opening an account with S2S for your business. By ordering Services from S2S you and your business, understand that you will not receive transportation services directly from S2S, but that you will receive discounted billing from S2S for shipping services provided by a Carrier or Carriers.


. 4.1. The S2S services allow you to send items with a choice of the major Carriers and Courier 
companies that S2S use. In the T&C’s, we refer to these companies as the “Carrier”.

. 4.2. Shipper acknowledges that S2S is not a Carrier and will have none of the obligations of a Carrier 
to Shipper; neither will S2S have any obligations pertaining to customs clearance. Shipper acknowledges that the T&C’s governing shipments will be established by the applicable Carriers. Shipper acknowledges that S2S will have no responsibility for any inadequacy or failure of, or any delay in, performance by any Carrier. S2S will have no liability for any delays in performance resulting from causes beyond S2S’s reasonable control; Shipper will be responsible for any additional costs resulting from any such causes.

. 4.3. If Shipper has not given specific instructions for any Shipment, S2S may select the mode, route and means of transport for the Shipment.

. 4.4. Shipper will be responsible for (a) tendering goods at the specified place and time and (b) ensuring that S2S has all documents required for receipt and for dispatch and all instructions, including without limitation customs documents. S2S will have no obligation to investigate whether Shipper’s documents or specifications are correct or complete. If documents are not provided, S2S maybe refuse to render or may postpone Services.

. 4.5. The carriage of items is undertaken by the Carrier and we do not carry the items
ourselves. However, S2S manage all aspects of the interaction with the Carrier on your behalf (including, for example, the placing of the order itself and any service complaints you may have). Accordingly, if you have any queries or issues about any order you place, you should contact S2S quoting your airwaybill/tracking number.

. 4.6. When you place an order with us, you can select from a range of different Carriers depending upon the services you require. We will provide the Carriers services to you using reasonable skill and care and have selected only reputable Carriers to carry your Shipments.

. 4.7. Please note that our website allows for the automated placing of orders without any human intervention by S2S. In other words, we do not ‘check’ your order before it is placed with the Carrier. It is therefore essential that the order is correctly entered and declared in order for the correct Services and pricing to be displayed.

. 4.8. Our “log in” process contains a check box that must be ticked before you can access our shipping portal; this means that you confirm that you have understood these T&C’s. Before logging in and start using our Services, you should read these T&C’s and all related information which are linked to as part of our processes, including, for example, the relevant FAQ’s section and the list of Prohibited and/or Restricted Items. This will ensure that you understand the full T&C’s, rules and regulations on which we provide our services.

. 4.9. “Restricted Items” (Including, but not limited to – glass items, laptops and mirrored goods) are items which you can only send in limited quantities and we strongly recommend that you do carefully consider and get advice from us before using our service. See our restricted items list at our FAQ within the Pre-Shipping category.

. 4.10. “Prohibited Items” (Including, but not limited to – hazardous and pornographic items as well as products) must not be sent using our service. See our Prohibited items list at our FAQ within the Pre-Shipping category.

. 4.11. If, notwithstanding sections 4.10 and 4.11, you do decide to use our service to send Prohibited or Restricted Items, you should be aware that S2S Carriers does not offer the same level of contractual protection for loss or damage to Prohibited and Restricted Items as for non- Prohibited/Restricted items.

You agree that all Shipments are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Carrier making the Shipment, as well as these T&C’s. Each Carrier has specific restrictions and prohibitions that you agree to become familiar with prior to tendering any Shipment to Carriers. You agree to review and comply with all T&C’s of the Carriers, which are available on their websites and/or AWB. You warrant to S2S and to the Carrier that all information provided by You is true, complete and accurate, that the Shipment was prepared in secure premises by Your employees, that You employed reliable staff to prepare the Shipment, that You protected the Shipment against unauthorised interference during preparation, storage and transportation to the Carrier, that the Shipment is properly marked and addressed, that all applicable customs, import, export and other laws and regulations have been complied with and that the waybill has been signed by You or Your authorised representative.


. 6.1. You agree that S2S’s acts solely as a “bill to” Third Party and bear no express or implied liability 
for Shipments. You agree that S2S has not expressed or implied that S2S is a Carrier, or represents a specific Carrier. You agree that any service failure, late freight, loss or damage claim is handled directly by the Carrier that transported the Shipment and that payment to S2S is not subject to nor conditioned upon a Carrier’s settlement or refusal to pay a claim. You acknowledge and agree that S2S is a support and technology company and is not a transportation company and that only the Carrier can be held liable for service claims.

. 6.2. S2S takes no responsibility for any Shipment or for any loss that is suffered by Shipper with respect to any Shipment. All Shipments are made at Shipper’s expanse and risk, subject to Shipper’s agreement with the applicable Carrier. In the event of any loss, Shipper will look solely to the applicable Carrier for any compensation that may be due.

. 6.3. Without limiting the generality of above section, Shipper will be liable for any loss arising from the nature of the goods shipped or their packing, incorrectness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of instructions or data; failure to tender goods in the agreed place or at the agreed time, failure to provide instructions or documents in the agreed place or at the agreed time, negligence of Shipper or its agent; or any Carrier’s refusal to sign for the number or weight of items being shipped.

. 6.4. If S2S assist Shipper to recover any amounts from any third parties, Shipper will reimburse S2S for any out-of pocket expenses incurred in providing such assistance.


. 7.1. S2S is not obliged to accept orders from you – and a contract for the services will only be formed 
when we accept your order and confirm this to you. S2S reserve the right to refuse and cancel 
any order and operate sophisticated Payment & Fraud security checks.

. 7.2. S2S can only accept orders online from residents in the operating country, who must be the end 
user and not another third party broker. A local country registered card or PayPal Account must be used to purchase in order to ensure VAT is applied correctly and any refunds / credits due can be applied.

. 7.3. S2S will arrange delivery of the Consignment/s through a third party service with a reputable Carrier as chosen by you at the time of ordering. Should that service not be available once purchased you will be immediately contacted with a comparable alternative or right to cancel.

. 7.4. The collection of a Consignment will normally occur on your chosen date which can be booked days ahead. Any order can be cancelled by you and a full refund will be given up until the time that the Consignment is collected from you. HOWEVER, AFTER A CONSIGNMENT HAS BEEN COLLECTED FROM YOU, YOUR ORDER CANNOT BE CANCELLED. This is because we have placed the order on your behalf with the Carrier and will be charged for the collection. By arranging for the Consignment to be collected, you consent to the provision of services to you and accordingly you will not be able to exercise any legal cancellation right that you may have (also known as a ‘cooling off’ right) from the point when the Consignment is collected from you.

. 7.5. The order and any cancellation of order will be confirmed in writing. If this is not received, or if you require duplicate documentation, please contact us


All prices quoted on the shipping portal of S2S are in local currency of the shipping (origin) 
country. Method of Payment for the Charges has been agreed during your account set-up. 


. 9.1. Certain surcharges may be payable by you in addition to the carriage fees which are set out as the cost for the standard delivery of your order. When a surcharge is payable, it may be charged directly to the payment method used to make the initial order as you consented to when opening the account.

. 9.2. Any Surcharges represent the additional administrative costs which will be suffered by S2S and charges which S2S may incur from the Carriers and are not penalties imposed by S2S. This information is made available to you prior to placing your order.

. 9.3. On some services there will be a surcharge if a re delivery is necessary because the receiver is unable to take delivery when required. Please check the service description prior to sending.

. 9.4. Other surcharges may be applicable if the receiver refuses to take delivery of the goods and they need to be sent back to you.

. 9.5. By entering the weight and dimensions of your Consignment/s you are pre paying for the postage. If the Consignment are heavier or larger, additional weight/size will be charged at the applicable rate to the card that the order was placed on together with a surcharge, see your local

T&C’s for the amount charged. We refer to this charge as the ‘Admin Charge’.

. 9.6. Saturday delivery surcharge (where you pay extra for a delivery on a Saturday) is available 
should the Saturday delivery service be selected and will only be applied if requested.

. 9.7. Some areas will be subject to a remote area surcharge by some Carriers. We will do our upmost 
to have calculated this in the quoting system prior to the point of booking. Should a change of delivery request be made once in transit, a Surcharge may be applied depending on the new locality,

. 9.8. You are pre paying for the postage charges. Any Customs charges for overseas shipments should be payable by the receiver or may be passed on to the Sender should they arise. Please see the Customs clearance section in our FAQ, which also cover return charges should the customs charges not be paid.

. 9.9. S2S cannot carry pallets unless a Pallet service if available. Any order that is collected on a pallet that is booked on any of our standard services will be surcharged.

. 9.10. The consignments must be given to the correct carrier / driver. Should the goods be given to the wrong carrier / driver we will attempt to have the parcel returned. Should this not be possible a surcharge may be applied if the service is more expensive than purchased. If you have booked multiple shipments and multiple companies through our site, please confirm with each driver that you are giving the correct shipments to them.

. 9.11. We may supply Documentation to accompany your shipment. Failure to attach this could result in a Surcharge.

. 9.12. Pallet & Same Day services could be subject to a waiting Surcharge if the driver is kept waiting more than 15 minutes, or a failed collection surcharge if there is nothing to collect. A cancellation fee will also be due if the collection is cancelled within 3 hours of the collection being due. This is postcode / order specific and you will be advised on request.


. 10.1. Collection dates and times are not guaranteed; the shipping portal has an automated 
system that books the collection as per the customer’s request. The system will tell you if the time slot is available and if not you can select an alternative. Please note, we cannot specify a morning collection. Any time slots selected are only a request and collections may be made any time during working hours should this be the driver’s only option. 
The driver will always keep to the requested time slot where possible.

. 10.2. The shipping portal has an automated system that books the collection as requested by 
the customer. In the rare event that the Carrier cannot make the collection please contact S2S immediately where we will re book for collection the same day if cut off has not passed or the next working day. Please note that we are not aware of any issues
with collection until we are contacted and the carrier should not be contacted directly as the booking is made by S2S with the carrier.

. 10.3. S2S does not come into direct contact with the Consignment, but arrange for the collection through one of the major Carriers that we use and you have selected. Please ensure the correct parcel is given to the correct collecting agent that you have chosen at the time of ordering, see 6.3.9.

. 10.4. Export services can be collected from a residential address or business. Please note the Import services are collection from a business address only.

. 10.5. We may supply documentation to accompany your shipment. You will be advised of this at the time of ordering. This must be attached to the shipment, if not your shipment could be delayed and be subject to an additional premium (see section 6 regarding surcharges). Further instructions will be found in the confirmation email sent after the booking is placed.

. 10.6. Your Consignment must be packed to a reasonable standard, packed within a double walled cardboard box with the contents cushioned and protected inside. The packaging must also be sufficient to protect the Consignment’s weight. It is not always obvious when a Consignment has not been packaged properly. The Carriers will assume that Consignments have been correctly packaged and will exercise a level of skill and care appropriate to that. Any claim resulting from a parcel that is not packaged to a reasonable standard and in line with the above may be declined. For further details see section 14 below.

. 10.7. Please note that any item travelling through our services must be able to withstand a short drop, fragile items should not be sent though our services. Please see our packaging guidelines and Prohibited and/or Restricted Items in addition and also sections 10 and 11 relating to Prohibited Items and Restricted Items generally.

. 10.8. Prohibited and Restricted Items; Consignments which have not been packaged properly should not be sent using our services. If they are sent using our services, the affected item could be subject to delay, return, impounded by Customs or held for collection by you or the receiver. If the goods are held to be collected, you will be notified that collection of said goods must be arranged by a certain date or the goods may incur storage charges and finally discarded. To clarify, the goods may be discarded if i) Customs remove and destroy the Prohibited item (This only applies to Prohibited items not Restricted) ii) they are damaged to such an extent that it is a Health and Safety risk (such as smashed glass); in which case you would be notified of this at the outset or iii) if they have been held for collection for a fixed time limit and the time limit advised has been exceeded.

. 10.9. Parcels should not be strapped or attached together. This is not a secure way for parcels to travel in the Carrier network. Any item which is not securely packaged or strapped to another package will be treated as a Prohibited Item (see section 11 for further information)

. 10.10. The Carrier and S2S have the right to refuse a Consignment for a reasonable reason such as no packaging, insufficient packaging or the Consignment does not comply with the information given by you at the time of placing the order – for example is not labelled correctly, contains a Prohibited item or is larger than stated.

. 10.11. Collections are made on Working days only. Saturday deliveries are available to book online but are not guaranteed. Refund of the Saturday surcharge will be applied if delivery is not made on the relevant Saturday.

. 10.12. Please ensure the collection point is available at the collection time that you request. A surcharge may be applied if you are out or the Consignment is otherwise unavailable when the Carrier tries to collect. For further information, please see section 6.

. 10.13. A receipt should be obtained on collection of your Consignment. Proof of collection will be required for any issues that you may have with the Consignment or processing of your order.

. 10.14. Please note that most of our services require a bar-coded label / AWB to be printed out and attached to the parcel. The bar-coded label / AWB will be displayed at the end of your order and we will email you a copy of the relevant label to be attached. Please do this before the courier arrives. If you do not receive the label, please contact Customer Services as described in 13.

. 10.15. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all the details are correctly completed and displayed on the correct Consignment as delivery will be made to the details listed on the Consignment. It is not the driver’s responsibility to check this information, so please ensure this is checked before he leaves.

. 10.16. Any consignment that is send abroad should be left open for the driver to inspect the contents. This can then be sealed by the collection point once the driver is satisfied.


see the T&C’s for the Carrier chosen to understand the rules for that specific Guaranteed Delivery Service.

. 11.2. Transit times quoted are calculated from once collection is made and the consignment is in Transit. For example, if a ‘next day’ guaranteed service is ordered, the ‘next day’ will be calculated from the date that the Consignment is collected.

. 11.3. Deliveries are made on Working days only. Saturday deliveries are available to book online but are not guaranteed. Refund of the Saturday surcharge will be applied if delivery is not made on the relevant Saturday.

. 11.4. Please be advised that S2S do not track parcels and as such it is the responsibility of the customer to track their own parcels, and to advise us if there are any problems. Tracking is available through our shipping portal or by contacting our Customer Service. Tracking is available up to a period of 12 weeks from sending. After that stage the tracking number may be re allocated to a new shipment.

. 11.5. You can track all orders online and may contact us prior to the return to rectify any
issue. Once returned any return charges that are due must be paid by the person that placed the order, the order will not be refunded and the item will not be re shipped free of charge. The return completes the agreed contract. Tracking is therefore essential to potentially aid delivery and prevent any return and associated costs.

. 11.6. If the driver has used a different tracking number than expected or if the collection point chooses to use new shipping label from the driver, rather than supplied by S2S then
you will only be able to track using the number left at the time of collection on the Carriers own website or by contacting our Customer Service team.

. 11.7. S2S and our carriers can only deliver to a full street address. We cannot deliver to a PO Box or BFPO address. If a Consignment has to be returned for this reason, no refund will be given.

. 11.8. Deliveries will be made to the address on the item, main front door, reception or goods in. The drivers will not deliver to individual department or Block numbers. Deliveries may be made to a neighbouring address if the delivery point is out, but only if the goods can be signed for.

. 11.9. A telephone number for the receiver is required for each Consignment (for example so that the receiver can be called in the event of an address query). Please note for any overseas address a local number is needed, the Carrier will not call an internationally.

. 11.10. S2S will not re ship or refund any returned item if a telephone number has not been provided and the Carrier has been unable to arrange delivery because a phone number has not been provided.

. 11.11. 1st, 2nd and 3rd delivery attempts will be made for each Consignment, depending on the service if unsuccessful the Consignment will be returned to the sender.

. 11.12. A customs invoice must be completed for ALL countries outside the European
Union. You will be guided online to complete this if applicable and a template will be e- mailed to you once the order is placed. An accurate description and reason for Export must be entered on this invoice. If customs find different items than declared or an incorrect reason for export stated (such as Gift when actually purchased) then a surcharge could be applied, items confiscated or the shipment returned (which could be chargeable). Four copies of the customs Invoice must be given to the driver on collection.

. 11.13. S2S services are generally offered “door to door”. This means that we will arrange for pick up from one address and a drop off at another and gain a signature on delivery. If the Consignee is out goods may be left with a neighbour if they are available to sign. Further please note that a small proportion of residential addresses are classified as a ‘Driver release area’ this is where the area is deemed ‘safe’ and the driver is able leave the goods out of sight and out of weather – please check the delivery postcode with our Customer Services before sending to see if it is included.

. 11.14. Please note the Proof of delivery is only kept for up to three months after delivery. Hard copy Proof of Delivery will potentially have a surcharge.

. 11.15. Please note that we cannot guarantee to stop any item once in transit, although will try and do so if requested.


. 12.1. Consignments collected and or delivered in certain remote areas within a country may 
be subject to a 24-48 hour delay with all Carriers. If these areas have a Timed Service 
such as by 9.30am, By 12, 10am it can also take an additional hour.

. 12.2. Shipments to and from remote areas nationally and internationally on all services may be subject to delay and possible service downgrade. Please check the address with us prior 
sending for advised transit times.

. 12.3. Guaranteed Services are guaranteed to most areas. It is the Customers responsibility to 
check the area they are sending to is covered by this guarantee.


. 13.1. By placing an order, you are pre-paying for the outbound transportation charges of your 
Consignment only. S2S has no control over any customs queries, delays or charges that may arise. Customs charges must be paid in addition by the receiver (or Sender if customs agree this to be possible) before delivery is made. Customs will deal directly with the receiver and in some cases, only the receiver. If you do not wish to pay the charges and the Consignment is returned, all return charges will also be passed on. Should a deadline be given before the goods are to be discarded and the deadline passes, no claim can be made for the loss and in addition abandonment charges may apply. Please note, it is the Customers responsibility to track all orders and request S2S to intervene. If the tracking states the goods are held under Customs query and they are returned, or abandoned and we have NOT been contacted then no refund or claim is due.

. 13.2. High Value Consignment may be delayed as they will require further documentation for clearance. Check your location T&C’s for the exact value.


. 14.2. Given that our shipping portal accepts orders on an automated basis, we may not be aware that a Consignment contains a Prohibited Item – even if you list an item which is prohibited when you place your order. If we discover that you have sought to send a Prohibited Item we will refuse to carry it. If this is the case, and if the Carrier has collected the Consignment, you will be notified in writing that goods must be collected within 7 days following this point they will be discarded. If the goods pose a Health & Safety risk then they may be immediately discarded.

. 14.3. In addition to our prohibition of the carriage of Prohibited Items, hazardous and/or dangerousgoodsarestrictlyprohibitedfromourservices. Failuretodeclarehazardous and/or dangerous goods could lead to you being prosecuted where unlimited fines and imprisonment are possible. Please note that the list of Prohibited and Restricted items which relate to our services is not an exhaustive list of what could be considered to be hazardous or dangerous

. 14.4. Item/s sent within a hazardous box will be classed as such, strictly prohibited. Please do not reuse old hazardous boxes. In addition you should note that if you send a Prohibited

Item, this may cause damage to other Consignments being carried and you may ultimately be liable for loss to those other Consignments if the senders of those Consignments seek to pursue you


. 15.1. We strongly recommend that you do not send Restricted Items using our service. This is 
because such items are fragile, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate to be carried by our services and Network. Should you proceed to send such goods you do so at your own risk understanding that the item will be covered for Loss only and excluded from any damage cover.

. 15.2. When you tick that you have read our T&C’s this also include that you understand our rules and regulations around Prohibited and Restricted items and that you have read and understood this before an order can be completed. You should check the Prohibited and Restricted items list to ensure that we are able to carry your Consignment before placing your order.

. 15.3. Given that our shipping portal accepts orders on an automated basis, we may not be aware that you have requested the carriage of a Restricted Item – even if you list an item which is restricted when you place your order. In any case, the Carrier will assume that the Consignment does not contain a Restricted Item and will exercise the level of skill and care when carrying such Consignment as is appropriate to a Consignment which does not contain a Restricted Item.

. 15.4. If a Consignment which contains a Restricted Item is lost or damage Carriers will not

  1. provide cover. Please see the Carriers T&C’s.

. 15.5. In the event of damage a restricted item may be held for collection by the Customer. This may be the case if the goods are prohibited and cannot be sent through the system or damaged to such an extent that onward forwarding is not possible. If this is the case you will be notified in writing that goods must be collected within 7 days following this point they will be discarded. If the goods are so badly damaged that the contents are destroyed or that the goods pose a Health & Safety risk then they may be immediately discarded.

. 15.6. Restricted items could be subject to non-collection, delay, return or confiscation by Customs. In such circumstances, if a restricted item is collected by the Carrier and then later returned, no refund of carriage will be given and return charges may be applicable.

. 15.7. In addition you should note that if you send a restricted item, this may cause damage to other Consignments being carried and you may ultimately be liable for loss to those other Consignments if the senders of those Consignments seek to pursue you.

If any part of these T&C’s is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms will not be affected.


These T&C’s and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance to the local laws of the country of shipping the Consignment from. This Court shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.

These T&C’s do not remove any statutory right which you have as a consumer which cannot be excluded.


A party who is not a party to this agreement (such as a receiver) cannot enforce the terms to this agreement, whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.