About us


Simple2Ship is an e-Commerce shipping solution company that provides an easy way to save money by offering competitive rates for shipping services. We are only working with quality carriers that you can trust!
We are a group of industry professionals that strongly believe in creating access to high quality transport services at a realistic cost, while also creating transparency between the services of world-class carriers.

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Simple2Ship operated globally from support offices in London and Hong Kong, but each country operates fully independently acknowledging the local market needs, but applying our global concept of Simple2Ship in a cost effective and easy approach.
The concept is proven in many important markets around the world, but Simple2Ship with our focus on smaller business want to take the concept to a new level and have developed a web experience with an intelligent online shipping platform, which can cater for a variety of shipping options.


You can balance your needs for Price and Service – select the right option for you and the transaction is fully automated enabling the simplest and easiest way to ship.

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Simple2Ship also offer an effective customer service and a friendly approach to frequently answered questions, supporting you with all the information to know before you book a collection and our team is available to help when needed.